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What Is A Poker Shark?

A poker shark is a very good player who feasts on the average player. By the end of the night, the shark will have most of the other players' money. Some people think a poker shark is a player who goes in almost every hand and calls or raises a lot. This is not a shark; this is a player who may get lucky for awhile, win for awhile, but by the end of the night will have to rebuy in. This is the type of player you want playing at your table.

The last time I was in Las Vegas, I met, got to know, and became friends with what they call a poker shark.

Lucky for myself before I got to know this particular Poker Shark, he did not take me for any of my money when I sat down and played at his table. On the next night he was getting ready to play, we sat down and talked for a while. He told me everything he had observed about myself as a poker player. when I thought about it, everything he had perceptively picked up about my play and told me was true.

Usually my game is Limit Hold-em. But that day I sat down at a $1-2 No Limit table, which is not my regular game at all. The Poker Shark told me what he had seen in my play the previous night. He told me I was very nervous when I sat down. He was correct in his observation because I don't normally play No Limit. He then went on to tell me different things about me; from the way I played with my chips when I had nothing to the way I touched my chips when I did have something.

He basically knew everything about what I did and how I played and he was right. Then we started to talk about the other players at the table from the night before and he told me everything that the other players would do which would give away if they had hand or not. It was unbelievable how fast he could read a player who had just sat down at the table.

He told me some of his techniques in how to read players. He explained what players do with their chips and what he would notice about their expressions. But to this day, I find it very hard to read other players and am still trying to use the Poker Sharks tricks and techniques.

This particular Poker Shark would come to the poker room around 12am in the morning knowing that many of the Players would already have a few drinks in them and were ready to lose their money to him. He played $1-2 No Limit. In the 7 days I played at the Poker Shark's poker room, I watched him "play the players" and win $600 to $1000 every night and then go home.

A Poker Shark living in Las Vegas like this one, makes a very good living feasting on the fish he finds coming to the poker table every night. I learned a lot talking to him and watching him play over the week; much more than I ever learned reading a book. He is probably the best player I have played against.

So the next time you lose all your money to an older gentleman in a Vegas Poker Room, it just might be my poker friend shark...

Allen Silvester is a Canadian Poker Player who is one of the Managing Editors of Poker Reviews Vegas.

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