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Preflop Strategy - Winning Techniques and Strategies

Before understanding why a preflop strategy is important when playing poker, it is even more important to understand the meaning of the word 'preflop'. Understanding the terms and meanings of poker will be of great help to people who are new to the game of poker.

The game of poker involves many stages and it may differ from one poker game to other. Preflop is the stage just preceding the flop. Preflop strategy is the strategy which is adopted during the foremost stage when the first two poker cards are dealt just preceding the flop. In the poker game, the player can opt for checking holdings, folding his cards or placing bets.

Every poker needs to adopt the right preflop strategy and make the right moves so as to emerge the winner. In the event of certain scenarios, one should know how to play and hence the preflop strategy should be planned well in advance. The difference between a winner and a loser in the game of poker is the quality and implementation of certain plans and techniques. Preflop strategy when implemented in the right manner and at the right time will be of great help to the player.

This pattern is observed when players play smaller stakes and a player may go unprovoked in pre-flop. The opposite player will toss the playable hand and other players may also follow suit. Some players get fed up and folds the cards and will usually end feeling miserable as they will lose their money to kings or pair of aces. This is however not a winning strategy but it can be used as a tactic which can be cashed profitably.

There are many preflop strategies which can be adopted when playing poker. First and foremost, understand the greater the number of players, greater are the chances of a player having a good poker hand. When there are few players, there is lesser competition. Greater the number of players, greater and bigger is the competition.

The second preflop strategy is understanding the opposite player's style of playing. Once you consider this, you can then adopt the right techniques and play in such a manner that you get the advantage.

Another important preflop strategy which needs to be adopted is that if you have a limited bankroll, exercise caution and care while playing. A player with a bigger bankroll can afford to take greater risks and play aggressively. You also need to consider the table position when playing. Players in the late position have a greater ability when it comes to influencing the pot size as compared to early position players. This is a very important preflop strategy. The dealer has an advantage as he gets an advantage of playing his cards in the end after all the players have played.

While is it is essential to know about poker rules, it is also important to know about the preflop odds especially when playing Texas Hold'em poker in order to succeed at the game.

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